Frequently Asked Questions

Arranging coach transportation can be daunting whether you are a seasoned corporate booker or a novice. We have included some of the most common Questions & Answers, but if we have not answered your particular question here, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you organise and book Hotels, tee-times etc.?

Hotels & tee times can be arranged via one of our travel partners, just ask your customer service agent for more details.

Do you offer self drive vehicles?

No, we feel our competitive pricing and 24/7 availability with a can do attitude, there is no need to self drive

Is our itinerary flexible?

Absolutely, we pride ourselves on our flexibility. And for the duration of our service to you we are at your disposal. You decide when and where you want to go – we’ll take care of the rest.

Is there a minimum booking time?

Usually there is no minimum booking time, except for day tours/excursions where we may quote an hourly rate and a minimum of 4 hours booking would apply.

Do you offer discounts on any services?

Yes. Local schools/Clubs/Voluntary groups are subject to discounted rates, particularly where we are hired for contract/regular bookings. Additionally, we also offer discounted rates for off-peak times/dates. Just ask your customer service agent for more details.

How and when are payments made?

Full payment is required one week in advance.
Payment can be made by Cheque / Debit Card / Bank Transfer / Credit Card.
Credit Card Payments will incur a 2.5% processing charge
A Quotation does not does not imply acceptance or availability.
A provisional booking does not guarantee your booking is secure.
Your payment must received to guarantee  your booking.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please refer to our terms and conditions.

How soon should we make a reservation?

Reservations can be made right up to the day of travel subject to availability.
Due to our regular high demand this is not advisable. We recommend that a confirmed booking should be made as far in advance as possible.

What about Tips/Gratuities?

Tips are discretionary and very much based on your level of satisfaction.

What is your smoking & alcohol policy?

Since July 2006 in Scotland and July 1st 2007 in England, Northern Ireland & Wales we operate a strict no smoking policy on board all our vehicles without exception. However comfort stops can be made on request. We operate a strict ‘No Alcohol on Board’ policy.

Unsatisfied with the service being provided during your trip?

In the very unlikely event that you are unhappy with the service being provided please call +44 (0) 131 333 2635 immediately and speak to one of our customer service agents, where we shall promptly investigate the matter with the goal to satisfy you completely.